When picking out fine jewelry for your special someone you only consider the best. Here at BRAG jewelers we put each gemstone through a rigorous inspection process to give you the best product available.

Boston Ring and Gem (BRAG) only considers perfectly performing, ideal cut diamonds that excel in the key attributes of light performance: brilliance, fire, and sparkle. Our diamonds are accompanied by certified grading and quality documents to guarantee superior color, cut, and shape.

Our knowledge, experience, and attention to detail to every hand-crafted wedding band, engagement ring, necklace, and bracelet in our selection keep our customers coming back. BRAG is the place where treasures are born and we pride ourselves in offering the perfect gem for your treasure. BRAG is conveniently located from Wellesley, MA in Downtown Crossing. Please contact us at 617-720-2724 with any of your diamond or jewelry questions.