Custom Made Engagement Rings in Boston

The diamond jewelers at Boston Ring and Gem know that a diamond is a big deal and engagement rings can become an overwhelming experience. With the styles, sizes and information available to you today it is easy to feel confused at where you should start.

Beautiful, ready-to-wear engagement rings are a fabulous choice – so why would you choose to have an engagement ring custom made when you can pick your ring and walk out the door? We have ready-to-wear rings available but for that someone looking to make the ring they’ve been dreaming about come alive, we can help. At Boston Ring and Gem you can custom design your diamond engagement ring to be the ring you have been dreaming off..

At Boston Ring and Gem you are in control the whole time! From the initial dreaming up of designs, viewing and selecting your diamond, right through to the final stages of viewing your ring before your diamond is set to holding the finished piece in your hand. One of our experienced jewelers will work with you to bring your dream engagement ring to life. Boston Ring and Gem prides themselves on their customer service and fine craftsmanship.

At the end of the day you will be wearing a piece brought to life by  you. No matter how obscure or classic the design might be; you can be certain that your engagement ring will truly be one of a kind when you shop at Boston Ring and Gem.


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