Diamond Color Information & Key Points for Engagement Rings

The first priority when picking a diamond is the cut since this is what influences how your ring sparkles. The second most important part when considering purchasing a diamond engagement ring is its color.

A diamonds color usually manifests itself as a pale yellow so this is why color is based on the diamonds lack of color. The less color that a diamond has, the higher grade it will be. The color grade of a diamond ranges from D (colorless) to Z (noticeable color). D is the highest possible color grade, while Z is the lowest.  At Boston Ring and Gem we adhere to the defined d to z scale of GIA/AGS laboratories.

The diamond color chart can be confusing and overwhelming and we at Boston Ring & Gem are happy to walk you through the process. We know that buying an engagement is a huge expense and lasting commitment. You will be informed and educated on all the things to consider when investing in the perfect diamond. Please contact us with any engagement ring questions or if you are interested in purchasing an engagement ring and would like more info.

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