Engagement Ring Care Tips by BRAG

Now that you have an engagement ring that your significant other has invested in to show you how much they love you, take care of it! The diamond engagement rings that we have at Boston Ring and Gem are beautiful, timeless and too good too be mistreated. Learn some easy ways to keep your engagement ring in the best condition possible.

Don’t be afraid to remove it!

“Never take it off!” I bet you have heard that before, but sometimes to protect your engagement ring from damage, you may have to take it off! Here are few example of activities that might require you too remove it!

  • Playing sports, lifting weights and other activities.  As for taking your ring to the gym, lifting weights with it on can also be hazardous. You wouldn’t want a 25-pound dumbbell making contact with your stone.
  • Gardening and hands-on-work can cause damage. It is possible to chip your diamond or knock the setting loose while doing heavy yard work.
  • Harsh chemical soaps or cleansers can soil the ring. It’s also a good idea not to wear your ring while doing the dishes.

Avoid Harmful Products

Keep your engagement ring sparkling by eliminating the gunk and dirt that can make your diamond cloudy.  Products like lotions, sunscreens and perfumes should put on with your ring off!

Get your Setting Checked Regularly

Boston Ring and Gem can check your setting for you to ensure that  the stone hasn’t been knocked loose, especially if it is particularly large. Usually every six months, it is ideal to have the setting checked.

Insure Your Ring

Thinking the worst, you loose your diamond wedding ring! Getting your ring insured is the best way to make sure you are covered. Look into what your home insurance offers and insure it separately, but do that first!

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