A Profession Transformed into Passion

Our family name Zargarian translated into English means goldsmith a name derived from the profession which has continued in our family for 7 generations. From generation to generation the Zargarian family evolved from silversmiths and goldsmiths into fine jewelers and gemologists. Four generations ago the Zargarians were well established fine jewelers often commissioned by local and regional governments to create of of a kind gifts of adornment and commemorative items for the state.  Later generations developed stringent manufacturing standards allowing export to the most discerning markets of the world. The Zargarian’s eventually moved their operation to the US to better serve the largest market for fine jewelry in the world. Over the years the Zargarian Family has established its roots in the heart of Boston’s Diamond and Jewelry district as fine jewelers creating truly signature pieces of beauty and distinction.

Today we offer our collection to the world, our exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to quality and the use of the finest materials available are truly our signature of distinction. By raising the standard and manufacturing all our jewelry in-house we insure the quality we promise and most of all we can BRAG because all our pieces are manufactured in the USA.


Members of:

  • Jewelers of America
  • Better Business Bureau
  • New York Diamond Dealers Club
  • Antwerp Diamond Xchange
  • Polygon
  • Rapnet