Holiday Proposal & Engagement Ring Ideas

Everyone wants their wedding proposal to be special, from the engagement ring they use to the music playing in the background. Once you have picked the engagement ring out, the next step is to devise a one of a kind wedding proposal. The type of proposal should depend on the person who you are giving the engagement ring to, but if your significant other loves the holidays than that should be included in the proposal. Here are some amazing holiday wedding proposal ideas:

  • At the Top of a tall building- This proposal is great for people who like a more private setting where the two people can be by themselves. With an amazing view your significant other will be so mystified that they won’t notice the engagement ring in your hand.
  • At the Stroke of Midnight- Whether you are at a New Years Party or just snuggled up in a blanket watching the ball drop, proposing at the stroke of midnight is a memorable proposal. Every New Year’s Eve at midnight you will re-tell that story to your friends, guaranteed.
  • Gift Proposal- When you are opening gifts during your holiday celebration, wrap the engagement ring in normal wrapping paper. When your significant other begins to open it, you can drop down on one knee and propose, this is a nice way to be around loved ones when you propose.
  • The Picnic Proposal- A picnic in the winter? That sounds crazy, but it is the perfect way to have a private meal with a loved one and it’s creative. Taking your loved one to their favorite outdoor spot and enjoying a lovely (warm) meal is nice, but if you follow it up by taking out an engagement ring, it will make the night truly special.
  • Light Their Face Up- By using holiday lights on either your home or on a lawn to spell out “will you marry me?” is as close to shouting it from the rooftops as you can get. Proposing using holiday lights is a public way to show your love and an engagement ring seals the deal.

The secret to proposals are that each one of them is special because each one of them is about two people that love each other and are ready to start their life together. If you have your proposal idea and are looking for an engagement ring or wedding band please contact us.

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