How To Clean Your Engagement Ring at Home

There is nothing better than seeing your diamond engagement ring catch your eye or the eyes of strangers.  It is only natural to want to maintain that sparkle by keeping it clean on a regular basis. However, if cleaned improperly you can permanently damage your engagement ring.

Before you start attempting things that you heard from a friend of a friend, the diamond experts at BRAG jewelers in Boston MA can tell you how to clean your engagement ring safely and what to avoid at all costs.

First, let’s try to figure out what it is that is making your ring so dirty. If you are outdoorsy or spend your days in the kitchen environment, let the Boston jewelers at BRAG professionally clean your diamond ring or jewelry. It is best to get it cleaned at the jewelers using quality professional-grade products that will restore the brilliance of the diamond safely.

If your engagement ring is dirty from everyday common products like: hairspray, lotion, makeup, or perfume a easy at-home cleaning should do that trick. All you need is warm (almost hot) water, dish soap and a very soft toothbrush. Get a small enough container not to loose it or have it accidentally dumped down a drain! Soak your ring for about 20 to 40 minutes, gently brush the stone with the toothbrush, and rinse it under warm running water. Repeat the process if necessary.

How NOT to clean your engagement ring.

Any household cleaner should not even be considered. If you start reaching for things like bleach, chlorine, and acetone, stop now! These chemicals are far too harsh and can break down the base metals in your ring! While we are on the topics, never use any abrasive products such as toothpaste, baking soda, or any powdered cleaners, which can easily scratch metals. The damage these cleaners will cause will be costly to undue.

Anything that runs on battery or electricity is also something to avoid. These powered jewelry cleaners can weaken prongs or dislodge a stone. If you think a machine is required, bring it to BRAG jewelers conveniently located in Downtown Boston MA, where we can fix anything that might become loose.

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