Oval-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval-cut diamond engagement rings are making a huge comeback; stop by Brag Jewelers, located at 333 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02108 to check out our huge selection of this beautifully cut diamond!

The unique shape of the diamond brings out and really highlights each individual carrot, giving you more bang for your buck! Oval cut diamonds are absolutely stunning and go perfectly with a variety of engagement ring styles, but they especially fit well with three stone engagement rings.

Often times, when you compare an oval diamond with a round diamond that has the same carrot weight, it will appear that the oval diamond is bigger. Why? This is because, more times than not, an oval diamond will have a bigger surface area than that of a round diamond. So essentially, when you choose an oval diamond over a round one, you’re purchasing a diamond that looks larger, for a lower price.

Oval diamonds are cut in the same way as its round counterpart; however the round diamond has the most brilliance of any diamond shape. That being said, oval shapes are not too far behind in the brilliance department!

This shape is perfect for someone who loves the brilliance of a round diamond, but is looking for something a little more unique.

For more information about the oval-cut diamond, please give Brag Jewelers a call at 617-720-2724; an associate will gladly go over the Optimum Table & Depth for oval diamonds, as well as the length and width ratio. We are looking forward to helping you find the perfect engagement ring that will absolutely melt your partner’s heart!

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