Sapphire Engagement Ring Boston MA

saphireThe September has come a long way. It has gone from just any blue stone to the beautiful, timeless sapphire blue gemstone. It’s color, durability, hardness, and luster make this ring desirable among brides with a unique and elegant taste in jewelry.

You may notice that Princess Kate Middleton’s engagement rings is a blue sapphire engagement ring and most likely the most famous engagement ring of all time. This ring was once worn by Princess Diane. This royal ring contains an 18-carat diamond and sapphire stone purchased in 1981 by Prince Charles. As you can imagine, the rings value has greatly increased since 1981 and is valued at over half a million dollars. Although the monetary value is jaw dropping, the sentimental value of this classic ring can never be competed with.

Boston Ring and Gem carries this yellow gold halo sapphire engagement ring perfect for September brides who admire the royal families style. At Boston Ring and Gem we can help you achieve that sentimental moment with a custom, engagement rings with or without a sapphire stone. Design your very own or purchase what we have available at our store located right in Downton Boston, MA! For questions about purchasing a ring, fill out a contact form or call us directly, 617-720-2724

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