Selecting a Diamond…Carat

When trying to select a diamond you will hear the 4 C’s over and over again. Clarity, Color, Cut and Carat. Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. The higher the carat weight, the more valuable it is (other factors being equal). There is a slight formula that goes into calculating the carat of a diamond. A carat weighs 200 milligrams and is divided into 100 points. So, if you have a  .5 carat diamond it is exactly the same as if you had a 1/2 carat diamond which is the same as a 50-point diamond.

Over a carat, diamond weights are usually expressed in carats and decimals. A 1.06 ct. stone, for example, would be described as “one point oh six carats,” or “one oh six.”

This word for the measurement of a diamond’s weight Carat – is derived from the carob seeds that were used to balance scales in ancient times.

This is an important factor to evaluate but is not the most important one. When selecting the size be sure that all the C’s are taking into consideration. You could put all your money into a 2 carat diamond ring, but with poor clarity, color and cut it does not have the value of many smaller stones. The other three C’s like clarity, cut and color determine the visual brilliance of the jewelry. Don’t be fooled by the size, you can find a beautiful, affordable engagement ring in Boston with BRAG jewelers that will make her say yes!

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