Strategically Picking The Right Setting

We all know that engagement rings are a very large investment. No matter what your budget is there are ways to still get a beautiful, valuable diamond engagement ring. One of the way that Boston Ring and Gem can help you with is picking the right setting to get the most for your buck.

More goes into picking a great engagement ring then the size of the diamond.  When you start the search for the perfect engagement ring you will quickly learn the four C’s. If your budget won’t allow for that bigger stone you thought was affordable, not to worry! You can actually create the illusion of additional carats by choosing the right setting. At Boston Ring and Gem we offer beautiful halo setting.  The variety of halo settings that we have at our store in Downtown Boston will help you  make the stone in the middle look bigger, it can also completely change the appearance of the diamond by giving it a vintage look that will stand out from an everyday solitaire.

Our jewelers can walk you through the right steps to take when picking a setting to get enhance the overall look of your diamond engagement ring! For more information stop by our store! 

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