Super Sapphire for September

September is the beginning of fall, kids going back to school, and the leaves begin to change from green to yellow and red. One color that most people don’t associate with September in New England is blue. Why would you associate blue with September you ask? Because blue is the most well-known color of the sapphire gemstone.

Sapphire is the gemstone that represents September and is even given as gifts for the 5th, 23rd and 45th birthdays. Sapphire comes from the Greek origin sapphirios, meaning precious stone. The Sapphire is closely associated with purity, which is why it was worn mainly by priests and other religious figures. It was also seen as a symbol of wisdom, which is why kings would wear them as a part of their crowns.


Sapphires are a member of the corundum family of precious stones along with rubies. Sapphires are well-known for their green coloring, however all stones that are corundums, that aren’t red, are considered to be sapphires. Any color other than blue is specifically referred to as a “fancy sapphire”.

The most sought after color of a sapphire is cornflower blue. The meta-physical attributes that are given to this stone are related to the clairvoyance power and overall insight. In conjunction with the power of clairvoyance, sapphires are said to have healing powers and can help cure diseases such as cancer, burns and hearing problems. Another way that Sapphires are supposed to heal people is by reducing fevers and lower inflammation caused by injuries or illness. The “Millennial Sapphire” was found in Burma in 1995 and is the biggest sapphire in the world to this day, bolstering 61,500 carats.