The History of the Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut diamond is most widely seen on engagement rings, creating elegance and sophistication. This specific cut is derived from the stone that was most often cut into a rectangle shape, the emerald.

Around 1940, the traditional step cut was replaced by the emerald cut diamond. Diamond cutters noticed that could bring more fire into their diamonds by faceting off points of the pavilion. Originally, the cut was intended for emerald gems as a way to reduce pressure during cutting and secure the gem from chipping. Diamond cutters quickly noticed this cut could easily be applied to diamonds.

In present day, consumers have become increasingly more attracted to the emerald cut for an engagement ring option. The large, open table and unique optical appeal, make this a very popular choice for not only engagement rings, but any occasion. Most noted for its long lines and cropped corners; the emerald cut offers brilliant glimmers of light.

Due to the openness of the cut, flaws and color weakness can become more apparent which is why it is best to purchase the highest grade stone. For those seeking a vintage look, the emerald diamond engagement ring is perfect as it exhibits less sparkle while boasting luster and clarity. Fortunately, emeralds cut diamonds are cheaper than the classic round cut and appear larger due to the shallow depth.

At Boston Ring and Gem, we offer a variety of gorgeous emerald cut engagement rings. Our talented staff will assist with your selection, ensuring your ring sparkles on your hand. By purchasing an emerald engagement ring in Boston, you’ll mesmerize friends and family with a timeless, polished look. Contact us today if you are looking for the perfect emerald diamond ring.

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