What Is a Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cut diamonds has become one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings.  These diamonds have grown in popularity as people begin to customize their engagement rings for their loved ones. Princess cut diamonds have this unique shape that make them very easy to incorporate into any style ring you want.

The traditional princess cut is square, with all four sides equal length, but most cuts are more on the rectangular side. This difference is cut is hard to see. Most people prefer the rectangular cut which is often lower in price.  After picking out the perfect princess cut diamond it is important to have the prongs protecting all four sides of the diamond.  The prongs protect the corners and help eliminate any flaws, such as, naturals, extra facets, and other inclusions may be located here. The last real concern would be deciding whether or not the flaws are significant enough to affect the stability of the diamond, which is very rare.

If you know that the princess cut diamond is the diamond you and your loved one choose, Boston Ring and Gem can help complete the process. At our diamond exchange store located in Downtown Boston MA we can fully education you on diamonds and help you pick the perfect princess cut diamond engagement ring!

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