What Is Ring Insurance?

Your jewelry is priceless to you but there is an actual cost of replacing your beloved jewelry in the event that you have a loss. For extra peace of mind we highly recommend you insure your jewelry especially if it worn daily. Did you know that with jewelry insurance you covered worldwide against loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappear. When you purchase jewelry from BRAG, we will always provide you with a complimentary appraisal so you can acquire insurance.  You will need just an appraisal from BRAG, not the bill of sale what you actually payed may not be the current market price; replacement should always be based on replacement cost not actual cost. NEVER give your bill of sale. We have complimentary appraisal update for jewelry purchase from Boston Ring And Gem. We recommend you stop in every three years and have us check things out and make sure you have no imminent threat.

How ring insurance works

We believe that “discounted” insurance is better than no insurance, but based on our experience we have had the best results with Liberty Mutual as a personal property policy on your homeowner or renter, and Jewelers Mutual insurance which is a separate insurance policy from your homeowner/renter policy. Jewelers Mutual offers additional preventive repair, they would rather pay to have smaller problems fixed before they become larger, so your diamond engagement ring  that is worn daily will eventually need to have some preventative maintenance even though we perform those service for cost of labor and material for BRAG setting,  Jewelers mutual will pick up the tab.  If you are planning a move make sure your insurance follows you to the new location, so you can move with confidence.

If you have more questions about ring insurance contact our store!

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