How to Know Which Engagement Ring is Right for Your Fiancé

It’s the time – you need to buy an engagement ring for your fiancé. Bafflingly, there’s little worthwhile advice out there on how to pick the right ring. Search the internet, and you’ll have the choice to become an amateur gemologist or endlessly scroll through an encyclopedia of rings, gems, diamonds, and jewels. So, we’ve decided to provide you some down to Earth advice on how to get the right ring for your fiancé.


1. It’s about her, not your accountant.
Common theory is that you should spend two to three months of your salary on a ring. The thing is, common sayings don’t exactly take recessions into consideration. Be realistic: Think about spending five to eight weeks’ worth of your salary, though you should be ready to dish out a little extra if it’ll get perfection.

2. Channel your inner Ocean’s Eleven.
Get her size right. On a quiet afternoon, tip toe up to her jewelry box and steal one of her rings, then have it sized by a jeweler. While you’re at her jewelry box, snap a few cell phone pictures so you can go back and reference what else she likes. Remember: make sure to take note of exactly where you took the ring from, and return it as quickly as possible.

3. Her friends are your accomplices.
Ask her friends (the ones that can keep a secret) if she has dropped any hints, or even flat out told them what she wants. What type of metal, cut of stone, designer, etc? The only thing that’s certain in life is death, taxes, and that your fiancé has mentioned the rings she likes.

4. She may be the better half, but you’re still half.
Some couples want their wedding bands to match, and she might want her wedding band to match the engagement ring. If this is the case, realize you might be wearing rose gold too.

5. Rules of the stone.
Search Google and you’ll get a litany of gemologist knowledge. Beyond that, you need guidelines. Diamonds shouldn’t be any color grade below H (too yellow) and avoid any cut grade below Very Good (not enough sparkle).  We suggest you choose a higher cut grade and clearer color over carats. However, if she is expecting a pebble, you may have no choice but to lower the grades.

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